What Is Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a very effective tool for any kind of Organization. Staff augmentation permits a company to include staff in their teams based on the additional skill required to support their initiatives. The resources are provided by the Staff Augmentation firm. In this article, CloudVandana will give an overview of Staff Augmentation.

Staff augmentation gives permission to a company to experience its competitive advantage. Staff Augmentation is important because it has lower development and operational costs. Paperwork and legal responsibilities are less compared to recruited employees. Organizations do NOT need to take a headache for the recruitment process if they can avail the facilities of staff augmentation. As a result, outputs and team size increase.

What Is The Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing

Staff augmentation is different from  Project outsourcing in many ways. Both have few pros and cons. When an organization is taking the facility of staff augmentation, they are purchasing resources related to IT while maintaining direct control over their team. But with an outsourcing process, the Organization needs to pay for a specific, prearranged outcome. They are not directly controlled by the organization.

How Staff Augmentation model can enhance your Organization

In the present time, one of the most notable trends is the considerable increase in the use of conditional workers globally. Contingent work defines itself in many working models, where staff Augmentation is the most popular. There is a broad scenario where companies purchase Staff Augmentation.

Increased Capacity  When an Organization needs more resources to close a short-term project or to manage the increased production or to manage a seasonal business, staff augmentation works wonders.

Bridge to Hire  Staff augmentation works like a bridge in the hiring process for the long-term need of any Organization.

Specialized Skills  If an Organization needs some specialized skills, like technology setups, branding or logo design, facilities management, etc for a short period of time, staff augmentation works like a savior.

Another form of staff augmentation talent is freelancing, which has been for centuries, but recently got so much popularity through the rise of global freelance platforms.

Types of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation service comes in different forms. There are three basic types.

Commodity  In this type of staff augmentation, companies need human resources to fulfill or perform some task but not a proper training or skill set is required.

Skill Based  Very basic skilled professionals are required to perform some task in an Organization but the level of the skills is not critical.

Highly Skilled  Professionals with highly skilled and trained are required to perform. The level of skill is very important for this type of staff augmentation.

CloudVandana is one of the most renowned Staff Augmentation providers that provides customized resources depending on the task and size of the organization.

Staff Augmentation Benefit

  1. Staff augmentation offers businesses and organizations a great deal of flexibility when it comes to strengthening up or strengthening down the teams. It decreases the hassle of the recruitment process and dealing with the expenses that come with the hiring of full-time employees. These formalities are handled by a staff augmentation provider.
  2. The supplemental staff works directly with the in-house team, giving managers a direct view over how short-term hires integrate and cooperate with the existing employees. A positive side of this hiring is that the existing employees do not need to be worried about their job securities, as these resources are hired to perform on a short-term project.
  3. The staff augmentation model makes it easier to locate and integrate external resources into an internal team, as compared with an outsourcing team, which often comes along with deep-seated cultural and technological differences that can be hard to align with the goal of the company.

With staff augmentation, any organization can quickly fill in-house skill gaps with outside talent. If the process is used correctly, this model can also save money for an organization by reducing general overhead costs and the associated expenditure.