The digital business card every leader needs

A true leader has his kit of instruments and apps. Due to rapidly growing global interaction supervisors, managers, team leads require instant contact with team members, clients, business partners all over the world. Building a supportive community, which can reach you within a few screen touches, and social networking are key principles of our age. Fortunately, there are now tremendous possibilities for it. Let’s look at what advantages you gain with the Blinq app, for instance.

How does the app work?

Blinq is the top-rated Digital Visiting Card app across global App Stores. Businesses all over the world use Blinq to make their interaction with clients more valuable and memorable.

Blinq is a business virtual card, which holds not only your logo and title but it is a database of crucial ideas of your business. Moreover, your Blinq account can be connected to the credit card, so people can support your business or use your services on the go as soon as they appreciate them.

Blinq complements various ways you interact and work. Attach contact information: email address, social media. You can pair this app with your Apple Watch and share links and QR codes there. It is a great benefit that you can embed your virtual card QR in your presentation or hold the smartphone near the show screen so the audience easily reaches your account without googling it.

Simple and effective

Blinq is surprisingly easy to set up and use. You can apply it to your current CRM system and receive all integral leads with the Blinq app. The main principle is that you can transmit your data with a few clicks. A QR code is useful to instantly provide all necessary information to people, who do not have a Blinq account.

Besides, this app has advantages over paper cards: it weighs nothing and is not stuffed up with small lines of details but provides information in series so it is more readable, convenient and its separated parts become memorizable.

Amazing experience

The professional UI makes the interface understandable and pleasing. It is adaptable to different devices and is maximum user-friendly. Users note that people love it when they are sent them Blinq accounts. That means that Blinq helps to build a more valuable, profound and amusing collaboration.

Individual approach

A great leader maintains an individual approach to everyone. It is substantial that you build up a strong relationship with each member of your community. You can realize the best way of cooperation with each person, based on the experience of previous contacts. Scan the Blinq card and receive all information you need. The more you interact with Blinq, the more you get to know the person.

Instant collaboration

All the necessary information is at your disposal anytime. You can share your information on the go, anywhere, even if the person does not have a Blinq app. In teamwork, it is crucial to have access to the data of each member. This accessibility and swiftness build consistent, strong contacts within a team, which cooperates and solves problems in an instant. Apply a Blinq account to the current CRM system so as not to miss something important and have permanent access to it.

Ensure the interaction

The app provides all important information about the interaction: where you first met the person. It also secures that your client will not lose your credit card and never call you again. Moreover, you can jot down all additional data in notes and stay secure even if you forget any details.

Connect the world

Build important partnership contacts all over the world. There are thousands of people, who require your services and are interested in what you do. Most of them are ready to provide support. When you share your business information via the Blinq app, you help them reach you more easily.

Link your information to social media, fundraising and gain important contacts. Do not miss the opportunity to grow your network.

Finally, you can learn from professionals and market’s leaders by contacting them with a Blinq account.

Stand out

Blinq is COVID-safe, it makes it touchless and still direct contact with thousands of people. The integration and worldwide networking, eco-friendliness and security – all that is why Blinq is a step in the future. You create a wow first impression by using an electronic business card.

Stay secure

This app enables more potential clients and business partners to reach you, without any threat or damage to your data: the app makes a list of people who have visited your profile page, you can control your information. You share as much as you need and want to.

All in all, Blinq is an app that is crucial to successful leadership. Blinq spreads your interactions worldwide. It globalizes your data while maintaining its security. It is effortless in usage. This app saves all necessary information, so you do not have to memorize it or fear that you may lose it. You can reach necessary information about business partners or clients anytime and from all over the world.