Quality Inspector – Pune

Quality Inspector

Phillips Corporation



We need a quality inspector who can check the quality,

  1. Personally, guaranteeing the quality of every part that I approve for use by Haas and/or Phillips; Being the undisputed expert in Haas’ engineering and manufacturing specifications;
  2. Performing as the barrier against subpar materials ever reaching our factory floor from any of my suppliers; Ensuring all suppliers and the materials they provide follow engineering, manufacturing, and legal specifications and we are abiding to all Statutory Compliances.
  3. Requiring suppliers to continually improve their quality, processes, and value

Experience in below different types of measuring instruments

Vernier caliber
bore dial gauge
High master
CMM machine
quality inspection

Other gauges like
snap gauge
ring gauge
bore gauge etc
surface finishing testers

Hardness tester

Experience -2 to 4 years

Job Location: Pune



Deepika Mahapatra