Medical Assistant/Certified Medical Assistant – GI Lab – Position #2022-437 – Highland, CA

Medical Assistant/Certified Medical Assistant – GI Lab – Position #2022-437

Epic Management, Lp

Highland, CA


Job Description

ThenMedical Assistant/Certified Medical Assistant provides direct front and/or backnoffice patient care as directed by a Physician, LVN, RN, or other licensednhealth care provider. Medical Assistants/Certified Medical Assistants greet andnescort patients to exam rooms, prepare patients for examinations, assist withnprocedures, collect specimens and assist with the overall delivery of patientncare in their respective department.  Allnlevels report directly to the Nurse Manager or Nursing Supervisor but may benassigned a more immediate supervisor as determined by the Nurse Manager ornNursing Supervisor. The Certified Medical Assistant performs all the same essential dutiesnas the Medical Assistant, but receives greater compensation for the earnedncertification.


HighnSchool Diploma or equivalent, and graduation from an accredited MedicalnAssistant program. No experience is required. Current BLS certificationn(American Heart Association). Proof of Phlebotomy Certification may benrequired. EKG certification preferred. State or Federal CMA certificationnpreferred from one of the following agencies: 1) California Certifying Boardnfor Medical Assistants (CCBMA), 2) American Association of Medical Assistantsn(AAMA), 3) American Medical Technologists (AMT), 4) National Center fornCompetency Testing (NCCT) or in the State of California, Multiskilled  Medical Certification Institute (MMCI), 5)nNational Healthcare Association (NHA)-also known as Certified Clinical MedicalnAssistants (CCMA), and 6) National Association for Health Professionals (NAHP).n

Beaver Medical Groupnrequires all new hires and employees to report their COVID-19 vaccinationnstatus

Applications must be complete and demonstrate that thenminimum qualifications are met. Resumes may be attached to completednapplication form as supplemental information, but will not be accepted in lieunof an official application form. Applications will be screened and the mostnqualified candidates who best match the needs of the position will be invitednto compete further in the recruitment process.  Due to the largenvolume of applications received, we are unable to track for individualnapplications or discuss the application process.