Head Ranger – Ceres, Western Cape

Head Ranger

Lodge Jobs

Ceres, Western Cape


Key Performance Areas


Game Drives

  • Guiding guests on game drive in an open game drive vehicle.
  • Hosting of guests between game drives.
  • Time Management – being on time for daily duties.
  • If any changes need to be made regarding game drives, the ranger must get permission from the head ranger and inform him/her of the exact changes
  • Any duties/tasks done outside game drives; the head ranger needs to be advised hereof.
  • Game Drive vehicles are not to be driven unnecessarily.
  • Game Drive vehicles are not to be driven without permission from the head ranger.
  • All game drive vehicle keys are to be returned to the head ranger, after game drive.
  • Afternoon game drive commences, guests that are MIA are to be looked for.
  • Morning game drives: guests MIA are to be left alone and at peace.
  • Do not convoy – drive different routes.
  • No off roading in the reserve to get better sightings of game.
  • Game drive vehicle rules are to be always obeyed.
  • Game drives are to be a memorable African experience for guests. Guests are to be educated on the importance of wildlife heritage and the protection thereof.
  • Morning game drive: Tea, coffee, and snacks to be provided to guests before game drive.
  • Game drive blankets to be taken to laundry after every morning drive.
  • Game drive vehicles to be washed and sanitised before every drive.



  • Listen to guests
  • Always talk to guests in a calm, collective manner.
  • Answer guests’ questions as best as possible.
  • Do not argue with guests.
  • Guest happiness comes first.
  • Guest safety comes first. Guests are not to be exposed to any situation that may place their lives in danger or make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Always give feedback with regards to guest’s experience, to the Head Ranger or General Manager
  • Pronouncing and using guest’s names when addressing the appropriate guest
  • Communicate with guests and handle any problems that may occur


Protection of Eco-system

  • Range the bushveld and protect every aspect that may affect the sensitive balance of a self-sufficient eco-system.
  • Educate others about the importance of protecting the eco-system.
  • No driving around water puddles.
  • Obey roads that are closed off with rocks.
  • Do not drive pipe-line roads.
  • Report any broken water pipes to the Reserve Manager or Head Ranger.
  • Bush encroachment and fence maintenance


Standard Requirements

  • Maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance, be hygienic.
  • Wear a clean, ironed uniform and a nametag.
  • Dress accordingly – same department, same uniform.
  • Respect his/her General Manager and be always a good team player.
  • Assist in all departments where help in needed.



  • Vehicle maintenance report to be done monthly.
  • Blanket Stock Take Monthly
  • Water Requisitions
  • Ranger off days to be sent to the General Manager weekly.
  • E-bike management

Karoo Star Experience

  • Taking guests to viewing tower (change in location will be noted in advance)
  • Talking about star constellations
  • Talking about Inverdoorn History
  • Taking with hot chocolate


Ad-hoc duties

  • Rooming of guests – explaining the layout of the appropriate room; the amenities in the room; time of game drives.
  • Housekeeping duties – ensuring rooms are checked and ready; checking for dust; checking welcome cards
  • Kitchen and F&B – helping the chef with service; waitering/waitressing
  • E-bike tours – following e-bike safety procedures; 90kg and less to ride e-bikes; only experienced bike riders; no short guests
  • Anti-Poaching Patrols