Director of Equipment Engineering – Bangalore

Director of Equipment Engineering




Key Responsibilities

* Lead the equipment design and development of the electrode production, cell assembly and finishing shop/lines, material stock facilities, and shop floors.
* Drive the machinery setup for shop floors by coordinating with cell equipment firms
* Drive the development of the cell production equipment, tooling and industrial robots
* Design and development of automation tools for production, assembly, finishing process as well as material handling and logistics
* Oversee anticipative, preventive and predictive maintenance activities for cylindrical, prismatic cell types and LFP, NMC chemistries
* Design digital twin of plant to drive optimization measures
* Oversee and steer the design and integration of automated lines for efficiency and scalability
* Design and develop training programs and directly oversee up-skilling of senior managers and managers
* Collaborate with stakeholder teams like procurement, production and quality
* Lead the in-house development of workstations, manufacturing equipment and fixtures
* Oversee the identification of bottlenecks and ensure the creation of data driven insights to enable faster cell production ramp
* Ensure compliance with regulatory and safety norms by setting up standard operating procedures (SOP)

Key Skills Required

* Understanding of manufacturing and processing principles (equipment efficiency & selection, return on investment, error proofing, ergonomics, material logistics)
* Understanding of electrode production (mixing, coating, drying, calendaring, slitting); cell assembly (case insertion, welding etc) and cell finishing (filling, formation, aging etc)
* Working knowledge of data acquisition and test-data collection systems and devices
* Experience with driving cell manufacturing towards Industry 4.0