Bookkeeper/Financial Assistant – Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Bookkeeper/Financial Assistant


Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


Job Description

This education NPO entity is looking to recruit an experienced Bookkeeper.  The successful candidate will be an appropriately trained and experienced team member to support the accounting, finance and procurement functions. Will be required to perform primary day-to-day bookkeeping activities. Ideally the candidate will be situated in Mt Edgecombe KZN,  area as offices are based close to Ballito.

Job Purpose

·To perform primary day-to-daynbookkeeping activities

·To participate innthe various administrative tasks required in the procurement process, fromnquotation through invoicing, stock recording and settlement.

·To support the integrationnof these functions with the processes, logistics and individuals in other areasnof the business

·To understand andnadhere to the requirements and controls of existing processes, adding to theirnrefinement over time

·To maintainnimpeccable record keeping and (mainly electronic) archiving

·Embracenresponsibility and show initiative and collaboration to handle practicalnchallenges

·To embracenparticipation in the team, its vision and values for social impact



Bookkeepingnand accounting activities

·Automated andnmanual journal entry capture

·Account allocationsnconsistent with standards

·Basic ledger andntrial balance reviews


·Comprehensivenfiling of invoices and other support documentation



·Quotation requestsnand order requisition preparation

·Invoice receiving,nprocessing and archiving

·Stock system inputsnand tracking to support the procurement process

·Regular paymentsnscheduling

·Paymentnauthorization requests

·Online paymentsncapture

·Proof of paymentsnfiling and sending

·E walletallowancencollations/petty cash handling


Monthnend activities

·Requirementsncollation for monthly cash forecasting process


·Facility draw down information gathering and submission preparation

·SARS/UIF return andnpayments collation (under supervision)

·Archiving within GLnsystem



·Data entry tonvarious systems and reconciliation between systems

·Correspondencensupport for ad-hoc issues (SARS, statutory bodies, consultants),

·Liaison with OfficenManagers

·Liaison withnauditors to support their inquiries and documentary needs

·Coach query loggingnand assistance

·Analyse andninvestigate ad-hoc expenditure and cost recovery issues

·Give and receivensupport and ad-hoc training to other finance team members

·Understand andninterpret Qlik Sense reports




Minimumnqualifications and experience

·Recognised financenqualification plus 6+ years of experience


·12+ years ofnexperience in a mid/senior level financial assistant/bookkeeping role

·Strongncommunication skills (primarily English)


RequirednFinancial, Accounting and IT knowledge and abilities

·Bookkeeping tontrial balance

·Demonstrable basicnto intermediate MS Excel skills

·Electronic GL system/snfamiliarity


Othernbeneficial skills and experience

·Understanding ofnprinciples of internal control

·Taxation andnstatutory compliance fundamentals familiarity

·Basic database structurenunderstanding and simple interrogation concepts (SQL)


·Software applicationsn– MSOffice Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Mail Merge, QliknSense, Asana, Confluence


Valuednpersonal qualities

·Demonstrablenpersonal enthusiasm and participation for social impact

·Systematic andnneat, with attention to detail

·Upbeat, energisednand dependable to deliver and manage time

·Ability tonconstructively seek out and give support



This is a hybrid role