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The Dynamic Giving System™, used in over 900 churches globally in nearly all of God’s denominations, with phenomenal results ranging in giving increases between 10% and 60% in just 5 weeks! This system shows you how to maximize your church’s giving and tithing without using guilt or pressure, and is 100% integrity based. It really works!

Discover Dr. Rod Rogers and how his very simple system has helped churches worldwide and can help you get the results you need with your church fund raising.
Church Fundraising
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Church Fundraising
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Using the ten-step Dynamic Giving System™ by Dr. Rod Rogers, your church can now biblically increase giving 10 to 60 percent in just five weeks. In fact, it comes with a no-risk 100% money back guarantee. If you've prayed for ways to increase your church's tithe and offering, this is the answer you've been waiting for. Please read through a few of our church client testimonials to learn how this has made a difference for them - and it will for you also!

Our Simple 10 Step Approach Makes All The Difference
These 10 steps are biblical, positive, simple, inexpensive, non labor-intensive (no home visits or committees required), and reusable—year after year. I've created them to help pastors increase their weekly giving by 10-60% (sometimes 100 to almost 300% overseas). Pastors who have applied all these steps have seen outstanding giving results quickly, more than covering their investment in just a few weeks.

Faster Christian Church General Fund Raising Than Traditional Firms
All right, but what do I mean by quickly? That depends on you and how faithfully you follow the steps I've laid out for you. Your giving will increase by at least 10% (usually 20 to 60%) within five weeks of starting your stewardship sermon series.

Proven Successful In More Than 900 Churches Worldwide
Does it work? Yes… My training transfers the skills you need to confidently turn your people from tippers into tithers overnight, year after year. Best of all, many churches cover their training investment with just one week's increased offering.

Since I developed it while pastoring my own church, my System is very pastor-friendly. When you work with me you are talking pastor to pastor with someone who understands exactly how important it is that you approach your church on this subject tastefully, sensitively, and biblically .

In all training and coaching my focus is on transferring skills to the pastor, so that you can successfully implement this dynamic stewardship strategy in your church year after year—all for a one-time fee investment.

Want to apply The Dynamic Giving System™ in your church RISK FREE?

Here's how most people get started with us (click to view details):

1. Attend one of our Training Events.

2. Order the Dynamic Giving Toolkit.

3. Sign up for my monthly Free introductory Teleclass.

4. Sign up for a Free eSermon on "Financial Contentment" and receive our Free ezine for sermons and tips to increase giving.

5. Visit our contact page to either call or email me directly to discuss your specific church situation and how we can work together.

Quick links - fund raising area:
fund raising organization | general funds | capital fund raising

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