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The Dynamic Giving System™, used in over 900 churches globally in nearly all of God’s denominations, with phenomenal results ranging in giving increases between 10% and 60% in just 5 weeks! This system shows you how to maximize your church’s giving and tithing without using guilt or pressure, and is 100% integrity based. It really works!

Discover Dr. Rod Rogers and how his very simple system has helped churches worldwide and can help you get the results you need with your church fund raising.
Church Fundraising
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Church Fundraising
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Pastor Driven Stewardship eBook

USA & Global: $9.95 - ORDER NOW

It's not about the money!

It's about growing your flock spiritually.

The good news is that by biblically teaching your people to give generously, you can...

  • renew your church spiritually
  • increase your offerings 10 to 60 percent in five weeks
  • improve your people's lives financially
  • increase your outreach
  • send more missionaries
  • expand your ministries
  • build needed facilities

Pastor Driven Stewardship:

254 pages



"We applied your stewardship teaching verbatim in our church and the first year our offerings increased 30%, almost $2,000 per week. We use your program every year and our weekly giving increases about 10% per year. Our church's per capita giving is now half again the national average. Spiritually, this has changed our people's lives according to their own testimonies, which are very exciting. Our people are happier and better off financially because they are obeying God in the stewardship of their finances."

Rick Ensrud
Senior Pastor, Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
(763) 391-6140, ext. 11


Get your INSTANT DOWNLOAD of this value packed guide with tons of text that you can easily copy and paste into your word processer. You get BOTH an MS Word Document format and PDF File format for your convenience.

US $9.95 - ORDER NOW

Author Rod Rogers led his church to giving increases of 32, 23, 27, 19, and 18 percent in five consecutive years.

While only 4 percent of American church members tithe, 70 percent of his congregation gave 10 percent and more.

Based on the premise that the key to healthy church giving is bold, biblical, pastoral leadership, Rod Rogers shares his ten-step Dynamic Giving System which has helped over nine hundred pastors from many denominations, in thirteen countries, increase their church's giving 10 to almost 300 percent in five weeks.

YES. This will work for you, Here's how:

Unlike other stewardship books, Pastor Driven Stewardship includes...

  • extensive biblical teaching
  • practical, step-by-step instructions
  • pre-written commitment cards, letters
  • complete stewardship sermon series
  • many other ready-to-use resources
  • MS Word and PDF formats included - just copy and paste
  • free bonus - exclusive access to online stewardship resources

This stewardship program is non-labor intensive:

  • No stewardship committees
  • No energy-draining meetings
  • No awkward home visits

You will learn exactly what to say and do to transform your people into generous givers.


Read Table of Contents, Foreword, and a FREE Chapter. CLICK HERE

Pastor Driven Stewardship:

Foreword by Dr. Gene Getz

Brown Books Publishing Group



» Would you like to know exactly

what to say and do to lead your people to generous giving?

» Do you wish you could teach your

people to give biblically, without pressure or guilt?

» If so, Pastor Driven Stewardship

is your answer.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Pastor Driven         Stewardship

100% Money Back Guarantee.

$9.95 - ORDER NOW

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